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The Resources page

One of the best performing pages you will find will be your Resources page. This page lists out absolutely everything that will be helpful to your audience - not all of these links have to be affiliate links to Amazon products!

Remember, your job is to help people find what they need to get what they want to do done, so this must be a comprehensive list that includes anything that would be helpful to your audience.

If some of the resources/products happen to have affiliate programs, then great! But don’t get too caught up over the ones that don’t.


For a great example of a resources page, check out our own supplementary resources page (see! we practise what we preach!)

Follow these golden rules for a resources page that your audience will love:

  • This list is going to get big, so be sure to break it down into categories and subcategories. Also consider anything else that might make navigating this page better, because it’s going to get really overwhelming really fast (such as a table of contents)
  • Don’t give people too many alternatives of the same thing. For example if you’ve used a number of accounting software platforms over the years and you recommend most of them, limit the options you highlight to 1-2. Anything more than that can overwhelm your audience
  • For each resource, it’s helpful to add a short description about it, mentioning what it is and why it’s useful. Keep this to no more than a couple of sentences