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Active promotional strategies


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Now "Active promotional strategies" sounds all fancy, but what we really mean by that is - what content should I be making, and how can I attract my audience to it?

To help with brainstorming actual pieces of content, tools like Answer the Public are great. It gives you an indication on the questions people are asking based on the keywords you provide. This is gold because you can then create content answering the most popular questions, which will help give you better visibility on search engines.

In addition to using Answer the Public for content ideas, also consider these content ideas which work well regardless of your niche:

  • Top tools roundup: Posts that showcase the products needed to achieve a very specific thing or answer a very specific question. It can also be a comparison between competing products that achieve said thing or answer said question. Check out these examples for inspiration:
  • Demos: By far one of the best ways to convince people to buy, demos allow your audience to see the product in action, warts and all (hopefully not too many warts!). Now I know what you’re thinking , “I don’t want my face on camera, at least not in the beginning!” Well, you don’t have to! Unboxing videos for example are one way to show the product off without having to show your face. And in most cases, you’ll also be able to demo the product as well. Be creative and experiment with other ways you can make this kind of content comfortably.
  • The step by step process: To be clear - this is not a demo of the product itself! Instead, this is about achieving a very specific thing with the help of the product step by step.

    Don’t just only highlight the paid way of doing something. Where it makes sense, show the free (or manual or low cost) ways of achieving something first, which in most cases will end up being more painful. When your audience realises how painful it is, there’s every chance that they’ll end up using the paid option instead (read: your hero product).

  • The interview: Believe it or not, there is good mileage in interviewing the founder/CEO of your hero product. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a video interview, it could also be a written interview or podcast. If you manage to pull this off, do not approach it as a promotion! Instead, talk about the story behind the product and why it exists. If you can’t get the founder, try and get someone from the Public Relations (PR) team, or even existing users of the product who are success stories thanks to the product. Here are some great examples of interviews from the site Smart Passive Income get your creative juices flowing:
  • The before & after: Don’t overthink it, it’s probably what you’re already thinking. For the problem you are trying to solve, what’s it like before using the product and what’s it like after? If you found a success story for your interview, you can leverage it to create some compelling and engaging content.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video interview, it can be a blog post if producing a video interview is beyond your capabilities. The same goes for all these content ideas by the way, feel free to use them to create any type of content that might work for you!


    Here are some key points to cover in your before & after content:

    • How did you discover the product?
    • What were your reservations before buying the product?
    • What makes the product so great? Is there any way it could be better?