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Exercise 2: Let's brainstorm some products!

Now that you're clear on your niche, let's start brainstorming Amazon products related to your niche that might be worth promoting. For the rest of the exercises in this section, we'll use the example audience of (relatively) new business owners that have just secured their first dedicated office space (also known as entrepreneurs for all the wordsmiths reading this).

For our first brainstorming approach, start by listing out your audience's whats (things that people in your niche might want to accomplish). Try and come up with as many as you can.

1Fit out the office
2Secure the office
3Caffeinate employees
4Equip employees with laptops
5Provide recreation facilities for employees

Then next to each of them, add so that and complete the sentence. In other words, by achieving the what, what is the why that is being satisfied?.

1Fit out the officeso thatstaff have everything they need to get the job done
2Secure the officeso thatstaff feel safe to work in office, and it doesn't get robbed
3Caffeinate employeesso thatthey can remain productive throughout the day
4Equip employees with laptopsso thatthey have the right equipment do to their job efficiently
5Provide recreation facilities for employees (e.g. pool table)so thatthey feel less stressed and can build good working relationships with their co-workers

This prompt helps you to link people’s needs to the reasons why they need to do them. This will be particularly helpful when making content about your affiliate products, so you can more effectively frame how the product addresses your audience's why in the content you produce.

Now from the table you've just built, research products that can help with addressing your audience's whats (which will subsequently address their whys) and start putting together a list of products. Your list can look as simple as this:

Product NameAmazon URL
Eufy Security by Anker eufyCam 2C Pro Wireless Home Security System
Whenever You Need Somebody
Pool Table 8FT Pub Size Snooker Billiard Table
Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro Laptop
Sunbeam EM4300S Mini Barista Coffee Machine

If you’re finding it difficult coming up with whats for your audience, consider the following prompts:

  • If your audience could wave a magic wand and make a pain point disappear, what would it be? What products could help address that pain point? List them out and research products that could fix them
  • Instead of thinking about what your audience is running towards (which is all we’ve focused on so far), what are they running away from? List them out and research products that could help with that