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Why are we using Shopify to host a blog?

You'll see later on in the training that we'll get you to create a brand new Shopify store to host your blog.

Why Shopify, of all the platforms out there, to host a blog? Well the truth is that of course you could use just about any website/blog/eCommerce platform to build an affiliate marketing site.

In our humble opinion though, what makes Shopify a particularly great one to use is the thousands of apps available that can get your site to have the exact functionality that you need, such as our very own Agora app (yep, there's the shameless plug!) which sets up your website specifically so that it can be used for Amazon affiliate marketing and allows you to easily add and manage affiliate products.

On top of this, Shopify is of course a full-blown eCommerce platform, which will actually come in real handy if later on you decide to make and sell your very own products in place of your most successful affiliate products, which we'll also touch on later in this training material.

Also, as Shopify is a fully managed service, you don't need to think at all about how to host or maintain your site, they handle it all for you so you can focus soully on building your affiliate marketing empire.